Homeowners interviewed about Foreclosure Program 3648

"He [Foreclosure Program 3648 Specialist] took everything into his own hands and took care of it. There was nothing hidden; everything was exactly as he said it would be." ~Carla - MD

"She took care of everything. It was great not being charged anything." ~Wanda - CA

"I would recommend [the Foreclosure Program 3648 Specialist] to anybody. She was totally on top of things; I was scared, but I felt she was trustworthy and [getting everything for free] was wonderful." ~Melodea - CA

"There's not enough good to say about her. I was scared and it was nice to have someone fight for you. [Foreclosure Program 3648] is the only way to go." ~Jim - CA

"I felt 100% better. I didn't have to deal with anything after turning it over to [my Foreclosure Program 3648 Specialist]." ~Christa - TX

"It was nice to have someone I could trust...I was scared up to the last second that some fee would pop up that I would have to pay. It never did...He was honest, I can say that about him." ~Diane - KY

"Bank of America just seemed like a mess, but Foreclosure Program 3648 was able to wade through all of those uncertain waters, and bring the short sale to a successful resolution." ~Barry - UT

"[My experience] was great. She always explained everything in detail. I loved it cause I didn't spend one single penny." ~Marilyn - CA

"His honesty is what I liked the most. He talked me through a lot of things and never got frustrated with me. He was very patient and understanding of my situation." ~Linda - KS