Real Estate Professionals were thriving with Foreclosure Program 3648

Mark Tyree, Coldwell Banker, KY

"I have been with Foreclosure Program 3648 for 1 and half years. In order to process more short sales, I needed a company like them. I have 33 active files and have closed about 23 files last year. They have freed me to do other real estate duties and work. The responses from the Transaction Coordinators is great, when I need a question answered all I have to do is email and it is answered. I could not possibly see myself on the phone or computer all day trying to process short sales, it is worth letting them do it. I get quality leads every month that I mail to and getting the listings are up to me. I also use other means of lead generation; other agents who hate short sales, ads on the radio, and from past clients. During the time of mailing leads, I have over 4,000 names and addresses that are mine to keep in touch with and can still use for prospecting. Our work as Realtors is our duty to the homeowner, distressed or normal sales, and by helping homeowners to get a fresh start. If anyone helps to obtain that goal is an asset, the short sale has become a part of the Realtor's world."

"New mailings went out this last week or so, already have 6 new listings. Want to encourage all of you using this program, it really helps distressed home owners."

"I think that why this program is discussed more is because of the demand of short sales is increasing. One thing I discovered since using Foreclosure Program 3648 is the fact that in other discussions, no one ever discussed HR 3648 - The debt forgiveness act. Most people were concerned that the bank could still go after the home owner for the difference and now since 2007, they cannot. This really made it great for the home owner and making them more willing to do the short sale. HR 3648 isn't even known by most Realtors, they find it great to get the sale and the owner gets the promissory note. Foreclosure Program 3648 really focuses on this and makes the process of short selling easier for us."

Elaine Kress, Realtor, OH

"Everyone at Foreclosure Program 3648 has been very courteous, helpful and very informative. Everyone in Foreclosure Program 3648 I have dealt with has pretty much bent over backwards to help me."

Beth Johnson, RE/MAX, GA

"I've been with Foreclosure Program 3648 for about 2 months. The training was excellent and very thorough. I've only done two mailings so far - each about 150 letters and I've gotten about an 8-10% response rate. A lot of people are trying the loan mod route, but I'm staying in touch with them all and have had good conversations with everyone that called from the letter. I only started working short sales the last 6 months of 2009, so 2010 will be my year for more short sales - I've closed 5 shorts sales in 6 months and have several short sale listings."

Scott Morris, Realtor, FL

"I have had an excellent experience with Foreclosure Program 3648. They have been very helpful in not only acquiring new short sale listings, but also in training me to handle current and future short sales. The customer service reps have been very helpful in answering any questions and seeing how they can improve. Overall a great experience!"

Catherine Kaufer, CA

"I have been with Foreclosure Program 3648 since August 2009. I really appreciate the customer service that I receive. Every time I have called with a question or concern, someone has always been available to assist my needs. Foreclosure Program 3648 has top notch Transaction Coordinators that really stay on top of things and make the process much easier. My experience has been fantastic and completely satisfying."

Stephen Goodman, Anthem Realty, AZ

"I have been affiliated with Foreclosure Program 3648 since late last year. The training is valuable and I have received qualified short sale leads every month."

Henry Scott, AZ

"Foreclosure Program 3648 has been instrumental in my success with short sales. They are staffed full of knowledgeable, experienced, and intelligent staff that know how to successfully negotiate with all the lenders out there. With their help, I'm able to focus on what a Realtor should be doing: marketing and selling homes and talking with home owners and home buyers. I have closed more than a dozen short sale transactions since I started working with them less than a year ago."

Mark Tyree, Coldwell Banker Legacy Group, KY

"Foreclosure Program 3648 has increased my business tremendously. It has made me very active in what I am doing. Getting out there, being more public, getting more phone calls, selling more houses; and that is what it is all about. But the main thing about Foreclosure Program 3648, that it has done for my business, and I think we overlook this a lot of times, is that it is really helping the homeowners. Our focus and our attention is mainly on them, especially those that are distressed or in need in this particular economic time. We are being able to help them and assist them better in a way they weren't helped before. I think this is very important right now."

Mike Reese, Mike Reese Home Selling Team, TX

"You all work on the things that allow me to allocate my financial and my personal and all of my resources, because I'm in alignment with you. You all have made us better, but what you have really done is freed up some of my most precious assets and limited resources, which were my talented people that now get to work on other things that help me grow my business. In my business it's really understanding the numbers and a part of doing that is making sure you have the right people doing the right things right."